Matt Davis Interview

On The Vampire Diaries you play a history teacher. Are you a history buff in real life?
I’m an alternative history buff more than anything else. I have a passion for conspiracy theories, alternative histories, and different points of view that you don’t necessarily get exposed to in public schools.

Can you give us an example?
Lets say for instance that I were to tell you there was a top secret space program that the government has been covering up for 80 years. And that our whole history as we’ve been taught it in public school is not an accurate portrayal of what the government knows is going on in terms of exo-politics. That would be one case. Another case is — I don’t believe that evolution and intelligent design are the only 2 plausible explanations as to how we’ve come to evolve and be as we are. I think that’s ludicrous. The historical conversation, spiritual conversation, and social conversation have become boring and I do everything in my power to find alternative stories and get that out as much as I can.

Цялото интервю при източник


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