Musician Matt Morris has nothing but love for Kristen

It’s been a year of momentum for Matt Morris. Along the way, he’s seen plenty of new faces in attendance at his shows; at one of his sets in March, he even spotted ‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart.

„She was there for my last song, ‘Live Forever,’ which is an appropriate song for someone in a vampire movie,“ Morris told PopEater when he recently visited our New York office. 
The Denver, Colo.-based singer-songwriter, whose name you may recognize from his childhood days on the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ in the early ’90s, said that he likes the ‘Twilight’ series, though his cinema-going experience for ‘Eclipse’ was a bit alarming.

„We went early on, right after the movie came out, and so we were there for, what is it, Team Jacob and Team Edward? They were in the audience. I don’t know if you’ve experienced that before but, you know, Jacob walks out on screen, right, and like the front six rows erupt and scream,“ Morris said, laughing. „And then you hear people on the other side go, ‘No, Edward!’ A teenaged girl mob scene.“ 
Such a story begged the question of whose team Morris was on, but he forewent taking either of the usual sides to defend the acting chops of the film’s female lead.
„I think the one person who I walked away sort of most excited about was Kristen Stewart,“ he revealed. „I always thought she was really wonderful and has this sort of consistent little flighty thing she does. She had some moments in the movie where I thought she delivered such a … she’d hold the gaze. It was like, this is why she’s a movie star. This is why she’s brilliant, because I cannot stop looking at her.“


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