‘Welcome to the Rileys’ MIFF film review – „Kristen Stewart evinces her acting abilities“

„Welcome To The Rileys“ There’s nothing really profound with the story for this gritty film but it’s the acting trio of Kristen Stewart–who evinces once again that her acting abilities go far beyond that of one teen vampire series-James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo that makes the directorial debut of Jake Scott (son of Ridley). Three lost souls, a grieving couple and a young abused stripper/prostitute, converge by pure coincidence and are able to fill the long-empty void in their lives with the thespians playing their suffering characters with heartfelt emotion and understandable angst. The platonic relationship between Gandolfini’s Doug and Stewart’s Alison is the driving force behind the film and a delightful watch. [B-]


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