Day 2: ‘On The Road’ set update & pics

From @teamrobsten411:
*The house they are filming in is gorgeous, it has marble and twirl stairs… All lights are open 
*My #OTR set pictures day 2. This is the house they used for interior shots, it’s gorgeous inside;)
*This street was full of trucks, trailors and OTR peeps
*Better look of #OTR house- filming was also done on the roof
*You can see the two make-up trailers where i spotted a middle aged makeup artist:)

From @twilightquebec: (translated)
*According to my info, Kristen would be filming tonight.
*We have seen the inside of the house, there a lot of people around the trucks to travel tinted windows, the boxes …but not Kristen 😦
*Well, filming is done.. We think we saw her but we aren’t coming up.

From @Izziespice:
*Just got in touch with a contact and apparently, they are NOT done filming. They are doing the San Francisco scenes here and if you read the book, you know they spend a lot of time there.



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