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Robert Pattinson stinks. Really bad. And we’re not talking about his acting skills (although, those too are up for debate). The British heartthrob of Twilight series fame may be easy on the eyes for teenage girls and soccer moms alike, but his stench could make your nose melt. Blame it on his sophomoric age (he’s just 23), an aversion to showers, say it’s a tactic for keeping the paparazzi at bay – or all of the above. According to costars and crew on the set of his latest box-office hit Eclipse, this kid reeks. Hard to believe? It’s the classic case of perfection perception. Like finding out that Gisele has bad morning breath or the comforting aroma of what you thought was homemade chicken soup simmering on a stove is actually a pair of dirty gym socks. In an odd way, it’s a life lesson that can give us all hope – everyone and everything has flaws.
Ironically, Pattinson’s unruly head of hair is exactly what scored him a spot among GQ’s most stylish men for 2010. Perhaps all that dirt and oil buildup from days and days of not bathing is his secret. Whatever the case, his greasy untamed hairstyle, coupled with his love of low-key clothes – jeans and T-shirts topped off with unbuttoned button-downs – is fitting for his laid-back lifestyle. But occasionally, even sluggish celebs need to get prim and proper for the red carpet. And that’s when we decided to add a cleaned-up, post-shower Pattinson to our style icon annals.
At the L.A. premiere for part deux of his blockbuster bloodsucking saga, Robert Pattinson pulled off one of the rarest renditions of a men’s suit. Instead of the typical black you’re used to seeing at a formal affair, he strutted his stuff in a burgundy two-button. It ran the risk of looking cheap or cheesy, but balanced with a barely blue shirt and understated skinny tie in slate gray, the ensemble was entirely age-appropriate – with exactly the right kick of color we should have expected from a guy who just doesn’t seem to give a damn.

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