Jackson Rathbone lets fans know he’s not on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace

Jackson Rathbone („Jasper Hale“) is one of the most fan-friendly Twilight cast members out there, but he’s not on Twitter, and he’s not on Facebook, and he’s not on MySpace.

To prevent fans from being duped by imposter accounts on these social networking platforms, Jackson Rathbone has issued a video announcement of himself confirming that fact.

„I do not have a Facebook. I do not have a MySpace. I do not have a Twitter account,“ he says quite plainly. „If it says that they are Jackson Rathbone and/or ‘JAction,’ they are lying. I don’t care how convincing they are or unconvincing they are . . . they are liars, and they are cheating you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for their conduct, and I wish they would stop.“

The truth is that there are a lot of imposter accounts out there for Rathbone, and some of them might be „convincing.“ However, take Jackson Rathbone’s word for it. After all, he would know whether these accounts are legitimate or not, and he has stated quite plainly here that they are absolutely not.



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