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Маги Грейс – Ирина в „Зазоряване“ – photoshop


Преди няколко дни официално беше избрана Ирина за „Зазоряване“ и тя е Maggie Grace. 🙂 Екипът – доволен.



Едно от момиченцата, явили се на прослушването за ролята на Ренесме

Майката е съобщила в Twitter за прослушването на дъщеря си.


‘Breaking Dawn’ Worldpremiere to be in France (ahead of US release)


„We are pleased to announce the release dates of the next two chapters of the Twilight series, produced by Summit Entertainment, co-financed and distributed in France by SND.

You will find Bella, Edward and Jacob in the cinemas of France from November 16, 2011 with the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and November 14, 2012 with the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Note that France will receive twice the special treatment, since both films will be released in France as world premieres, two days before the U.S. release!

Its time to choose a French adaptation for the titles of two items of the saga. Many fans have drawn our attention to the length and strangeness of the titles which involve both chapters, parts, and several numbers (i.e. Twilight Chapter 4: Revelation, Part 1).

Like the choice of The Call for Blood, the French title of The Second Life of Bree Tanner, a collaborative effort between the fans and Hachette, we decided to organize a large survey to collect your preference for the last two titles in the saga. Note that we have obtained the blessing of Stephenie Meyer, which in turn is very sensitive to the fact that this saga remains accessible to the greatest number.

The producers of the films have already suggested that the title “Revelation” as the final chapter of the saga. But we also insist on a adaptation Part 1 & Part 2 or of course keep a literal translation, or other ideas. So, we’re asking you to tell us what you like!

We will begin welcoming your suggestions in the month of September. Feel free to be creative: all ideas are welcome! Stephenie Meyer, Summit and SND will then select the best five proposals from all those you’ve sent us. It will be up to you to choose among these five proposals. We will tell you what to do in early September to submit your ideas. In the meantime, you can already start thinking about the chapter titles successor to Twilight Chapter 1: Twilight, Twilight, Chapter 2: Temptation and Twilight Chapter 3: Hesitation!“ 

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‘Breaking Dawn’ producers location scouting in Brazil next week

„RioFilme, SEC and Paris continue negotiations on „Breaking Dawn“. Next week come the producers. Have already found various locations“


„Breaking Dawn“ Production Schedule Confirmed

Over the past few days, rumors about Breaking Dawn’s production have picked up as filming on the final installment of The Twilight Saga nears.

While some speculation about casting — and alleged “delays” — is far from true, a reported timetable for work on the films is accurate.

A source close to the production confirms to Gossip Cop that filming will begin in November (as we reported last week) and extend until roughly March 15.

Although the expansive nature of Bill Condon’s two-parter (and size of his cast) means there could be minor schedule tweaks, the timetable is set.

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Зазоряване – снимачен график

Актьорите ще пристигнат на снимачната площадка през октомври за репетиция, проби на прическа и грим и т.н. Снимането започва през ноември и това винаги е бил плана. Може и да има леко объркване, защото в интервюта актьорите са казвали, че започват през октомври. Подготовката стартира през октомври, но продукцията винаги е била планувана за ноември.


Кориците на Сагата без черния фон (за любителите на фотошоп)